Wafer Probing Info


The following modifications should be made to the Probe Card (FE-I4A only)

  • Add solder jumper to right side of T1
  • Add solder jumper to VTH_INT1
  • Add solder jumper to VBB_INT1
  • Remove R11
  • Remove C31
  • Add jumper to right contacts of tristate jumper CMD_CHIPID0
  • Add jumper to right contacts of tristate jumper CMD_CHIPID1
  • Tristate jumper T3_PAD should be connected to Vdda1

  • Jumper needs to be added to 3_3VEFUSE pins to power LEDs.
  • Right LED turns on at first contact between needle and bond pad.
  • Left LED turns on after approximately 20um of overdrive.
  • Right LED remains ON after needles retracted (?). Needle bent or not returning to original position (?).

PTSL Probe Cards

Probe Card Location
1 University of Glasgow
2 University of Edinburgh
4 University of Glasgow

Fourth probe card ordered 21 Jan 2013

Procedure for adding a Probe Station to STControl

  • Control of Probe Stations in STControl is handled in the PixLib package.
  • The PixLib package is usually located in 'C:\USBpixI4\host\trunk\Applications\Pixel'
  • Control of the new probe station should be written as a class (.cxx/.h) inheriting from the abstract class PixProber.cxx/.h
  • The new probe station class (NewPixProber.cxx/.h) should be saved in the Applications\Pixel\PixLib\PixProber folder .
  • Add the following lines to the PixProber.cxx file
    • Add header file for the new probe station, e.g. #include "PixProber/NewPixProber.h"
    • Add code for NewPixProber to PixProber::make and PixProber::listTypes constructors
  • Add the new probe station class files to the PixProber Make files (Makefile and Makefile_windows)
  • Add the new probe station class files to the main PixLib Make files (Makefile and Makefile_windows)
  • Add additional headers and/or libraries needed for control of your prober (e.g ni4882.h, visa.h, visatype.h, visa32.lib) to the inc and lib folders in C:\USBpixI4\host\trunk
  • Do a full compilation of the code from C:\USBpixI4\host\trunk
  • See instructions for compiling on Updating USBPix
  • Your probe station should now appear in the list of probe stations in the wafer panel in STControl

Wafer statistics are here


* Wafer_Probing_info_for_Bonn.pdf: Die Probing Setup at Glasgow

FE-I4A Wafer Probing Reports

* FE-I4_summary_backhaus.pdf: FE-I4A Summary

FE-I4A Wafers at Glasgow

Wafer Status
V2AQMLH Probe Commissioning - Taken to Edinburgh 08/05/2014
VCAQMBH Untested - Taked to Edinburgh 08/05/2014
VZABA9H Untested - Taked to Edinbrugh 08/05/2014
V4AQMJH Untested - Taked to Edinburgh 08/05/2014
VXAQMRH Untested - Taked to Edinburgh 08/05/2014

FE-I4A Wafers at Edinburgh

Wafer Status
V8AKMKH Probe Commissioning

FE-I4B Wafers at Glasgow

Wafer Status
VEBSAVH Probe Commissioning
VUBSAFH Probing Complete
V0BSDQH Shipped to RAL - Returned to Glasgow (Sept 2014)

FE-I4B Wafers at Edinburgh

Wafer Status
VZBSDRH Shipped to RAL
VZBSBSH Shipped to RAL
V1BSDPH Shipped to RAL
VGBSF8H Shipped to RAL

FE-I4B Wafers at RAL

Wafer Status
V0BSDQH Tested and returned to Glasgow
VZBSDRH Tested and shipped to Glasgow
VZBSBSH Tested and shipped to Glasgow
V1BSDPH Tested and shipped to Glasgow
VGBSF8H Tested and shipped to Glasgow

Tested FE-I4B Wafers

Wafer Test Site Current Location
VUBSAFH Glasgow Glasgow

FE-I4B Probe Card

FE-I4B Wafer Probing Reports from University of Bonn

* WaferProbingSetupFEI4b.pdf: FE-I4B Wafer Probing Setup

* WaferProbingTalkFEI4B_DavidPohl-2.pdf: FE-I4B Wafer Probing

-- AndrewStewart - 2012-05-17

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