DESY March 2012 PPS Testbeam

This page documents the results of March 2012 PPS testbeam at DESY. The result can also be found in this presentation.


Devices used

Run 4A SSC-31 (20) Micron1 (21)
Run 4B Micron3 (21) Micron2 (20)

NB numbers in brackets refer to device I.D. number used by reconstruction and analysis code.

Device specifications

SSC-31 Micron (1,2&3) Mimosa Sort
size (mm2) 20x16.6 (18.6) 20x16.6 (18.6) 21.2x10.6
pixels 80x336 80x336 1152x576
pitch (um2) 250x50 250x50 18.4x18.4
thickness (um) 250 300 0.2 (0.3)

NB numbers in brackets refer dimension including non-active (insensitive) area.

Event runs

A spreadsheet on Event runs can be found here.

4A runs DUT0: SCC-31(20), DUT1: Micron1(21)

THL -50V -100V -150V -200V
3200e 2742-2774 2777-2810 2812-2848 --
1600e 2854-2891 2893-2935 2937-2973 --
1400e 2979-3021 3022-3067 3070-3102 --
1200e 3203-3239 3164-3200 3103-3163 --
1000e 3241-3278 3279-3322 3328-3373 3378-3415
1000e (-20oC) 3532-3571 3494-3530 3455-3490 3417-3453

Tilted geometry (at -100V bias):

THL none phi=-15o eta=15o
1600e 2893-2935 3753-3813 3910-3986
3200e 2777-2810 3710-3749 3820-3909

NB The spreadsheet for these tilted orientations and the tilted 4B runs below is incorrect (wrong, wrong, wrong!). The best check of orientation is the relative (i.e. compared with parallel orientation) clusterSize value, which should increase for any tilt. The orthogonal direction of the tilt can then be inferred from the relative clusterSizeX and clusterSizeY values.

4B runs DUT1: Micron2, DUT0: Micron3

Device -50V -100V -150V
Micron2 3991-4027 4030-4067 4066-4103
Micron3 3991-4027 4030-4067 4066-4103

Tilted geometry (at -100V bias & THL=3200e):

Device none phi=-15o
Micron2 4030-4067 4154-3201
Micron3 4030-4067 4109-4149

NB See 4A note above.


Here are links to example gear file and config file (from 3710-3749 runs). Link to reconstruction files on Grid... todo.

DUT positions

There were various positions quoted for DUTs from twiki, run spreadsheet and email. The table below provides the "best guess" positions used. Positions, relative to the back of the 3rd (mimosa2) reference sensor are given, as well as orientations for each bias.

Run 4A SSC-31 Micron1
positions (cm) 19, 19, 19 13, 13, 13
tilt 0, 0, 0 0, phi=-15o, eta=15o
Run 4B Micron3 Micron2
positions (cm) 19, 19, 19 13, 13, 13
tilt 0, 0, phi=-15o 0, phi=-15o, 0


Here are links to example driver file and makefile (from 3710-3749 runs). At some point link to [[][eos files]]...todo

Analysis Cuts

chi2 and lv1 cuts are based on maxcellres_DUT_chi2 and maxcellres_DUT_lv1 distributions (where DUT is suitably substituted), respectively.

Device chi2 lv1
SSC-31 15 6, 10
Micron1 15 5, 9
Micron2 15 5, 7
Micron3 15 8, 10


Please see the talk linked to at the top of the page.


The plots from resulting analyses can be found by selecting the PPS_MARCH_2012 in the IBL Testbeam Plots drop-down menu in this page. The name of each plot appears when rolled-over by the pointer. The naming convention of the plots is as follows: name begins with "graph" for each bias/angle Vs X plot, or "overlay" for plots overlaid; then plot name (as named by the analysis routines); and then, a short tag summing up the plot comparison, i.e. "THL" for threshold comparison, "tilt" for angle comparison, "val" for validation plot, "Micron" for device comparison and "Temp" for temperature comparison. Also, by selecting PPS_qEff_X (where "X" is comparison class as explicated above) from the same drop-down menu, sub-pixel scans are also available.

-- KennyWraight - 2013-11-12

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