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META TOPICPARENT name="EUTelescopeAndIBLTestbeam"

DESY March 2012 PPS Testbeam

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Micron2 15 5, 7
Micron3 15 8, 10


Please see the talk linked to at the top of the page.


The plots from resulting analyses can be found by selecting the PPS_MARCH_2012 in the IBL Testbeam Plots drop-down menu in this page. The name of each plot appears when rolled-over by the pointer. The naming convention of the plots is as follows: name begins with "graph" for each bias/angle Vs X plot, or "overlay" for plots overlaid; then plot name (as named by the analysis routines); and then, a short tag summing up the plot comparison, i.e. "THL" for threshold comparison, "tilt" for angle comparison, "val" for validation plot, "Micron" for device comparison and "Temp" for temperature comparison. Also, by selecting PPS_qEff_X (where "X" is comparison class as explicated above) from the same drop-down menu, sub-pixel scans are also available.

  -- KennyWraight - 2013-11-12
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