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Glasgow work on ATLAS Inner B-Layer (IBL) testbeam data. Both Reconstruction and Analysis aspects of the work involve EUTelescope software. Please see the official pages pages for more details. A communal area with installed software and testfiles can be found: /data/detdev01/FEI4_testbeam_construction.

NB This page is a work in progress.

Testbeam Reconstruction

Reconstruction code can be found: /data/detdev01/FEI4_testbeam_construction/reconstruction.

This is a short recipe for running.

* First set the environment.

> ILCSOFT=/data/detdev01/FEI4_testbeam_construction/reconstruction/PATH_TO_SOFTWARE
> source

To check the environment has been set correctly check the EUTELESCOPE parameter has been set: > echo $EUTELESCOPE
This should be something like /PATH_TO_SOFTWARE/v01-16-02/Eutelescope/v00-08-02

* Next, go to the jobsub directory:

> cd $EUTELESCOPE/jobsub

You are now ready to run the reconstruction chain. There are five steps or "tasks" to transform raw data into analysis ready data: converter, clustering, hitmaker, alignment and filter. Each task is performed using the script and requires a configuration file to set basic steering parameters such as input file, output directories and beam energy. The basic execution format is


Here is an example analysis chain:

> ./ --config=$EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/config.cfg -csv $EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/runlist.csv converter 97
> ./ --config=$EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/config.cfg -csv $EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/runlist.csv clustering 97
> ./ --config=$EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/config.cfg -csv $EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/runlist.csv hitmaker 97
> ./ --config=$EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/config.cfg -csv $EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/runlist.csv align 97
> ./ --config=$EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/config.cfg -csv $EUTELECOPE/jobsub/examples/datura-noDUT/runlist.csv fitter 97
For ease of running a bash script called is supplied which will run the chain for you. Please edit the parameters at the top of the file.

The output of each step should include a root file (only the first three are inspectable) and lcio files. The final output, "SOMERUN-tracking.root" is used as the input for analysis.

For more details see the official pages here.

Testbeam Analysis

The testbeam analysis software is called tbmon and can be found /data/detdev01/FEI4_testbeam_construction/analysis/tbmon.

The software has three main configuration files: siteconfig.h, and, which are all found in the trunk directory. The siteconfig.h file is where default parameters such as run numbers and configuration settings can be defined, though these can be overwritten on the commandline. After any editting of the files the make command must be rerun.

NB Be sure the version of root you are using includes libraries for TFitResult and TFitResultPtr i.e. version >=5.26. If needed do

> source /data/ppe01/sl5x/x86_64/root/5.34.00/

The basic execution format is


Here is an example analysis chain:

> cd PATH_TO_ANALYSIS/tbmon/trunk
> make
> ./tbmon -s 61527 -a hotpixelfinder -c eudetIBLsep2011
> cp OUTPUT_PATH/run61527-hotpixelfinder-*txt IBLcalibs/
edit to set bool masknoisyanddeadpixels = true in relevant subroutine (e.g. here eudetIBLsep2011)

> make
> ./tbmon -s 61527 -a checkalign -c eudetIBLsep2011
> cp OUTPUT_PATH/run61527-checkalign-*txt IBLcalibs/
no need to edit or make here > ./tbmon -s 61527 -a getetacorr -c eudetIBLsep2011
> cp OUTPUT_PATH/run61527-getetacorr-*txt IBLcalibs/
edit to set bool applyetacorr = true and bool applytranslation = false

> make
> ./tbmon -s 61527 -a checkalign -c eudetIBLsep2011
edit bool applytranslation = true and comment out hotpixel, geteta and checkalign processors (what does this mean?) > make
> ./tbmon -s 61527 -a residuals -c eudetIBLsep2011

At this point any additional analyses can be run without further make commands. All standard analysis code resides in trunk/analysis/src.

The output of analyses are root files and pictures (in a format which can be specified in siteconfig.h or on the commandline with -e option).

For more details see some useful slides on tbmon commands and software.

-- KennyWraight - 2013-05-24

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