1.01 Mike and Tom to provide an example on how to use multitask for jobs for which the output can not be retrieved.
1.02 Tom to find how to auto rebroker in multitask.
1.03 Chirs/Donny can use in bash scripts prepare areas with a python script
1.04 Tom D. to take over the grid Tier 2.5 issue presented in detail in last week's minutes.

2.01 Alistair to include the latest improvements in his talk and give the talk Thursday in ATLAS Hbb meeting.
2.02 Gavin to fix the empty variables in his global tree. Rick has a hack around.
2.03 Gavin to clarify how he defines the states in the ttH analysis. He will chat on Friday with Chris about this.
2.04 Chris and Donny to finish running on the grid and run the v17 ttH cut based analysis.

3.01 Adrian to understand which configuration files correspond to each step and change them to match with the flat ntuples from the common ntuple (to be used first for WH and ZH) with one file for signal and one for background.

3.02 Mike to have all flat ntuples ready for signal, data, background.

4.01 Mike, Faeg, Deepak, Stan to run v17 while Mike is advising and Deepak et all to run the grid submission for v17 (new classes in code + running afterward), until now we have v16 only.

4.02 Faeg to continue the work on validating the WH cut flow in Athena v17

5.01 Identify the signal MC samples (maybe the same as 4l sample) and download one of them to have a signal file here to be able to play with them.

5.02 Tom R. to reproduce plots from the ATLAS public note for ZH->llbb (mll, mbb, etc).

-- AdrianBuzatu - 2012-03-21

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