Event in question is the Higgsstrahlung e+e- ---> HZ ---> ff(bar)H (Z---> mumu and Z---> e+e-)

Aim is to make precise measurements of the mass of the Higgs boson ie, examine the recoil mass distribution to extract Higgs mass.

First step after creating various subdirectories (lib, include, build and src) is to test whether ExampleDSTAnalysis.cc fills histograms.

This .cc file will be used to for analytical additions. If a modification to .cc file occurs, the installation must be made:

cd build

make install

The steering file is used to orientate the processors for analysis. For example, in order to run the ExampleDSTAnalysis processor, it must be declared at the beginning of your steering file. Since the Higgs mass can be reconstructed from the Z boson, a suitable Z boson finder is essential.

ZFinder.cc is an analysis code that selects the best possible Z boson candidates for analysis. Another point is that because the Z boson is needed before the Higgs mass can be evaluated, the ZFinder.cc must be declared before the ExampleDSTAnalysis processor.

-- DominicSmith - 2013-01-29

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