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-- Richard Bates - 2019-05-08

Hello All,

I have been monitoring travel spend via budget information from finance, however this is not reliable and is cumbersome.

Many groups use the visit notice web page at QMUL setup by Steve Lloyd. We will move to using this as it will be easier for me to monitor travel spend.

You need to register on the website. Go to and click register. You can then fill in the form choosing the projects that you are likely to travel on.

Glasgow ATLAS projects are:

M&O and exploitation

ATLAS Group Ė Glasgow


ATLAS Computing



ATLAS Tracker Upgrade Glasgow


ATLAS Upgrade Computing

Once you are signed up, when you are planning to travel create a visit notice, filling in dates and costs of flights and accommodation (best guess is fine if you donít have final costs). This will send me an email to approve the visit. If I donít approve because I am away or busy, carry on with the booking. I will contact you if I think there is a problem. Once you have made your claim, please update the visit notice with the amount you have spent on subsistence.

This will allow me to monitor spend on budgets, which is important as budgets get tighter as I have to balance them against the cost of the flat.

If you look at overview and then guidance, you will see a nice flow chart.

When you are booking, the Glasgow budget codes are:

M&O and exploitation

ATLAS Group operations and analysis: 166799-01

ATLAS SCT: 166794-01

ATLAS HLT: 166767-01

ATLAS C&S: 166798-01


ATLAS Tracker Upgrade: 166804-01

ATLAS HLT Upgrade: 166806-01

ATLAS C&S upgrade: 169646-01

Thank you in advance for the help.

Regards, Craig


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