kcrontab is the client for the PPE group's kcrond daemon. This daemon schedules periodic commands on remote hosts for users as managed by the kcrontab command.

The kcrontab & kcrond code is a modified version of the DESY k5crond code to work with MIT kerberos.


kcrontab {-l|-e} [-d]


kcrontab manages a users crontab on the kcrond daemon server. A kerberos ticket (usually automatically obtained on login to a machine) is required to execute kcrontab.

kcrontab requires either an -l or -e argument to either list or edit a user's crontab.

The crontab file consists of:

  • comment lines, starting with #.
  • The REXEC= line which is required and should not in normal cases be changed.
  • The MAILTO= line which can be uncommented to specify an output email address
  • crontab entry lines.

A crontab entry line has the form:

{Minute} {Hour} {Weekday} {Day} {Month} {Host} {Command}

Weekday is a number, starting from 1 for Monday to 7 for Sunday. A star represents every. e.g.

1 2 * * * * host.physics.gla.ac.uk ls ~/private

Would execute "ls ~/private" as the user who created the crontab on the machine host.physics.gla.ac.uk at 1 minute past 2 am every day.

-- AndrewPickford - 2012-06-29

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