Paper: Search for Lepton Flavor Violation in the emu Continuum

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Comments due in CDS by: 20th Feb.

Adrian Buzatu's comments

1.69: Motivate or reference "0.72" and "0.28"

2.13 and 2.14: It is just stylistic, but for consistency with places above where eta is mentioned, use the smaller sign instead of the equal sign.

2.37: It is just stylistic, but if you say 0.5 GeV instead of 500 MeV then all energy/momentum units in the paper will be GeV and makes things consistent. Also, the brain compares easier 0.5 GeV with 25 GeV than it would compare 500 MeV with 25 GeV.

2.51: It is just stylistic, but you can replace "transverse energy" with its symbol "E_T", to be consistent with the phrase above about the "p_T". It also saves space.

2.58: You say "missing transverse momentum" and denote it "ETmiss". Then it should be "missing transverse energy".

2.65: How does the single top process produce two prompt leptons, one being an electron and one being a muon and both leptons having opposite electric charge?

3.50: "two hypothesis" -> "two hypotheses"

3.54: "convoluting" might be in fact "convolving"?

3.59: "Fig 1." -> "Fig 1. a)"

3.66: "Fig 1." -> "Fig 1. b)"

4.16: "and in" -> "and"

Ref 15: For JHEP papers, the journal name must have 4 digits, where typically the first two are the digits of the year. For this paper might be 1012. A paper is found there on Spires, but must be double checked this is the paper indeed intended to reference.

Ref 18: Same as above. "07" -> "0207"

Ref 24: Same as above, but I could not guess what the year is from "001", also because the page is atypically only with two digits. Needs double check.

-- DeepakKar - 2012-02-14

-- AdrianBuzatu - 2012-02-15

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