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META TOPICPARENT name="AtlfastCorrectors10TevV15"

Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2 Fig 1.3 Fig 1.4

Fig1.5 Fig 1.6 Fig1.7 Fig1.8

Medium Electrons

Fig2.1 Fig2.2 Fig2.3 Fig2.4 Fig2.5

Fig2.6 Fig2.7 Fig2.8

Tight Electrons

Fig3.1 Fig3.2 Fig3.3 Fig3.4 Fig3.5

Fig3.6 Fig3.7 Fig3.8

Electron Efficiencies and Contaminations using a ttbar dataset

Loose Electrons

Fig4.1 Fig4.2 Fig4.3 Fig4.4 Fig4.5

Fig4.6 Fig4.7 Fig4.8

Medium Electrons

Fig5.1 Fig5.2 Fig5.3 Fig5.4 Fig5.5

Fig5.6 Fig5.7 Fig5.8

Tight Electrons

Fig6.1 Fig6.2 Fig6.3 Fig6.4 Fig6.5

Fig6.6 Fig6.7 Fig6.8

Photon Efficiencies and Contaminations using a H->gamgam dataset

Photon Efficiency
Fig7.1 Fig7.2

Photon to Electron Contamination

Fig8.1 Fig8.2 Fig8.3 Fig8.4 Fig8.5


Photon to C4 Jet Contamination

Fig9.1 Fig9.2

Photon to Muid Muon Contamination

Fig10.1 Fig10.2

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