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Audio and video communication



CERN has decided to purchase and maintain the Vidyo video conferencing service in support of its research program including the LHC experiments. EVO will be phased out. Specifically, EVO will be maintained through 2012 in order to have a backup communications platform during transition.

More information about Vidyo can be found at the CERN Vidyo website.


Vidyo is available for the Linux, Mac OS and Windows platforms here.


  • From the "Members" tab (which you should be on, having followed the link above), select "Add member". Enter your CERN details and select "Add new member".

  • Shortly after registration, you should receive an e-mail confirming that your registration to the CERN Vidyo service is active.


Connect to the Vidyo web portal.

Telephone gateways

There are telephone gateways available for Vidyo:

  • CERN, Switzerland: +41 22 533 0322
  • Tokyo, Japan: +81 345 790 501
  • US: +1 866 577 7460
  • London, United Kingdom: +44 203 051 0622
  • Prague, Czech Republic: +420 228 880 755
  • Madrid, Spain: +34 911 233 708


VidyoMobile is available for the Android and iOS platforms.

VidyoMobile for Android


VidyoMobile for Android is available for download via links here.


Upon running the program, one is prompted for a portal, a username and a passcode. The username and passcode correspond to your CERN account username and passcode while the portal is yet to be entered.

VidyoMobile for iOS

VidyoMobile for iOS is available for download here.

More information

Echo cancellation

Here is a video demonstrating testing of the Vidyo echo cancellation algorithm.



An obvious initial option is Skype™ which offers decent audio and video communications between up to ten persons. The downsides are that it is proprietary and that it requires both installation and registration/log in.

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