TWiki Documentation Graphics and File Type Icons

This is the TWiki Documentation Graphics library. The graphics can be used in topics and by web applications.

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List of unique icons defined in TWiki.TWikiDocGraphics. Hover over the icon to get icon information.

action-item addon air airplane analyze application arrowbdown arrowbleft arrowbright arrowbup arrowdot arrowdown arrowleft arrowright arrowup as attachfile award barcode bat bed bitly blank blank-bg blogger bmp bomb book bridge bubble bug building buildings c cachetopic calculator car changes changes-small chart-bar chart-pie checked checked-round checked-square choice-cancel choice-no choice-yes clipboard clock close closed code color-wheel color-wheel-bg comments connections control-panel counter c css dashboard database days delegate delicious desk digg dll doc doc done dot_ld dot_lr dot_lrd dot_rd dot_ud dot_udl dot_udlr dot_udr dot_ul dot_ulr dot_ur down download edittable edittopic else eml empty exe external external-link facebook factory fax feed filter first-class fla flag flag-gray flag-gray-small folder fon food gear gif globe go_back go_end go_fb go_ff go_forward go_start goal google google-plus graduation group h hand heart help help-close help-open help-video hlp home hourglass html index indexlist info java jpg js js key led-aqua led-bg led-blue led-box-aqua led-box-blue led-box-gray led-box-green led-box-orange led-box-purple led-box-red led-box-yellow led-cup-aqua led-cup-blue led-cup-gray led-cup-gray-close led-cup-gray-minus led-cup-gray-plus led-cup-green led-cup-green-plus led-cup-orange led-cup-purple led-cup-red led-cup-red-close led-cup-yellow led-cup-yellow-minus led-gray led-green led-orange led-purple led-red led-yellow left legal line_ld line_lr line_lrd line_rd line_ud line_udl line_udlr line_udr line_ul line_ulr line_ur line_ur_gray linkedin lock lock-open lockfolder lockfoldergray locktopic locktopicgray login logout luggage mail map mdb mechanics meeting megaphone menu-down menu-right milestone milestone-add minus mission mobile mobile-carrier monospace more more-small mov move new newtopic node-minus node-minus_r node-minus_udr node-minus_ur node-plus node-plus_r node-plus_udr node-plus_ur note notify opportunity xps package parent_gray parked parts pdf pencil person persona persons phone phone-extension phone-toll-free photo pick pl plug plugin plus png ppt ppt presentation printtopic process processing processing-32 processing-32-bg processing-bar processing-bar-wide processing-bg profile program program-add project project-add project-plan proportional ps psd puzzle py qrcode question quiet radioactive ram recentchanges reddit refresh refreshtopic reg reload reload-green remove request requirements rfc right roadmap rss rss-feed rss-small save search-small searchpackage searchtag searchtopic see-also sh shipping html sitemap sitetree skin skype smartphone sms sniff socket sort sprint star-full star-half star-none stargold starred statistics stop strategy stumbleupon support svg swf switch switch-off switch-on table tablesortdiamond tablesortdown tablesortup tag tag-blue tag-brown tag-green tag-magenta tag-orange tag-purple tag-red tag-yellow target target-blue target-gray target-green target-orange target-red tasks technorati thumbs-down thumbs-up tip todo toggleclose toggleclose-mini toggleclose-small toggleopen toggleopen-mini toggleopen-small toggleopenleft toggleopenleft-small toolbox tooth topicbacklinks topicdiffs topmenu traffic-light trash ttf twiki twiki-alert twiki-gray twiki-help twiki-irc twitter txt unchecked unchecked-round unchecked-square up updated useractive useradd userinactive uweb-bo uweb-bo12 uweb-g uweb-gs uweb-m12 uweb-o uweb-o12 uweb-o14 uweb-oo uweb-os vcard vector video viewtopic vision vsd vsd warning watch watchlist wav web-bg web-bg-small windows wip wrench wri xls xls xmind xml xml-feed xml-small xps xsl ying-yang youtube zip

Total: 416 unique icons


Write this: To get: Raw view:
%ICON{help}% Help <img src="/pub/TWiki/TWikiDocGraphics/help.gif" .... />
%ICON{ "tip" format="$url" }% tip.gif
%ICONURL{parts}% parts.gif
See extended usage below

Documentation graphics

Documentation graphics defined in this topic are listed in the tables below. Each image is defined by a table row containing these cells: %ICON{}% variable; usage example of icon variable; description shown in image title; file type (gif or png); size (width x height); aliases (if any).

Note Document icons

  Variable Description Type Size Alias
Action item %ICON{action-item}% Action item gif 16x16  
Analyze %ICON{analyze}% Analyze gif 16x16  
Airplane %ICON{airplane}% Airplane gif 16x16  
Award %ICON{award}% Award gif 16x16  
Barcode %ICON{barcode}% Barcode gif 16x16  
Bed %ICON{bed}% Bed gif 16x16  
Blank box %ICON{blank}% Blank box gif 16x16  
Blank box, transparent %ICON{blank-bg}% Blank box, transparent gif 16x16  
Bomb %ICON{bomb}% Bomb gif 16x16  
Book %ICON{book}% Book gif 16x16  
Bridge %ICON{bridge}% Bridge gif 16x16  
Speech bubble %ICON{bubble}% Speech bubble gif 16x16  
Bug %ICON{bug}% Bug gif 16x16  
Building %ICON{building}% Building gif 16x16  
Buildings %ICON{buildings}% Buildings gif 16x16  
Calculator %ICON{calculator}% Calculator gif 16x16  
Car %ICON{car}% Car gif 16x16  
Bar chart %ICON{chart-bar}% Bar chart gif 16x16  
Pie chart %ICON{chart-pie}% Pie chart gif 16x16  
Clipboard %ICON{clipboard}% Clipboard gif 16x16  
Clock %ICON{clock}% Clock gif 16x16  
Color wheel %ICON{color-wheel}% Color wheel gif 16x16  
Color wheel, transparent %ICON{color-wheel-bg}% Color wheel, transparent gif 16x16  
Comments %ICON{comments}% Comments gif 16x16  
Connections %ICON{connections}% Connections gif 16x16  
Control panel %ICON{control-panel}% Control panel gif 16x16  
Counter %ICON{counter}% Counter gif 16x16  
Dashboard %ICON{dashboard}% Dashboard gif 16x16  
Database %ICON{database}% Database gif 16x16  
Days, Calendar %ICON{days}% Days, Calendar gif 16x16  
Desk %ICON{desk}% Desk gif 16x16  
Download %ICON{download}% Download gif 16x16  
Factory %ICON{factory}% Factory gif 16x16  
Fax %ICON{fax}% Fax gif 16x16  
Filter %ICON{filter}% Filter gif 16x16  
First class %ICON{first-class}% First class gif 16x16  
Food %ICON{food}% Food gif 16x16  
Gear %ICON{gear}% Gear gif 16x16  
Globe %ICON{globe}% Globe gif 16x16  
Goal %ICON{goal}% Goal gif 16x16  
Graduation %ICON{graduation}% Graduation gif 16x16  
Pointing hand %ICON{hand}% Pointing hand gif 16x16  
Heart %ICON{heart}% Heart gif 16x16  
Help %ICON{help}%, %H% Help gif 16x16  
Help close %ICON{help-close}% Help close gif 16x16  
Help open %ICON{help-open}% Help open gif 16x16  
Help video %ICON{help-video}% Help video gif 16x16  
Hourglass %ICON{hourglass}% Hourglass gif 16x16  
Info %ICON{info}% Info gif 16x16  
Legal %ICON{legal}% Legal gif 16x16  
Luggage %ICON{luggage}% Luggage gif 16x16  
Map %ICON{map}% Map gif 16x16  
Mechanics %ICON{mechanics}% Mechanics gif 16x16  
Megaphone %ICON{megaphone}% Megaphone gif 16x16  
Meeting %ICON{meeting}% Meeting gif 16x16  
Milestone %ICON{milestone}% Milestone gif 16x16  
Add milestone %ICON{milestone-add}% Add milestone gif 16x16  
Mission %ICON{mission}% Mission gif 16x16  
Mobile %ICON{mobile}% Mobile gif 16x16  
Mobile carrier %ICON{mobile-carrier}% Mobile carrier gif 16x16  
Read more %ICON{more}% Read more gif 16x16  
Read more %ICON{more-small}% Read more gif 13x13  
Move %ICON{move}% Move gif 16x16  
Note %ICON{note}% Note gif 16x16  
Opportunity %ICON{opportunity}% Opportunity gif 16x16  
Parked %ICON{parked}% Parked gif 16x16  
Parts %ICON{parts}% Parts gif 16x16  
Pencil %ICON{pencil}%, %P% Pencil gif 16x16  
Phone %ICON{phone}% Phone gif 16x16  
Phone extension %ICON{phone-extension}% Phone extension gif 16x16  
Toll-free Phone %ICON{phone-toll-free}% Toll-free Phone gif 16x16  
Photo %ICON{photo}% Photo gif 13x10  
Plug %ICON{plug}% Plug gif 16x16  
Presentation %ICON{presentation}% Presentation gif 16x16  
Process %ICON{process}% Process gif 16x16  
Profile %ICON{profile}% Profile gif 16x16  
Program %ICON{program}% Program gif 16x16  
Add program %ICON{program-add}% Add program gif 16x16  
Project %ICON{project}% Project gif 16x16  
Add project %ICON{project-add}% Add project gif 16x16  
Project plan %ICON{project-plan}% Project plan gif 16x16  
Puzzle %ICON{puzzle}% Puzzle gif 16x16  
QR Code %ICON{q