Pions from in-beam Kaon Decay

Pions from in-beam Kaon Decay


This case is handled via pichdecays.F. This file is a container for charged pion decays.
The routine pichdecay_manager is called in kaon decay generators where one ore more charged pions are present in the final state (e.g. kch2pipi0.F).
Two pion decay types are implemented in pich2lnu.F and pich2lnug.F, with the possibility to choose the lepton type (electron or muon).

Software implementation

New generator files:

  • Generator/pichdecays.F
  • Generator/pich2lnu.F
  • Generator/pich2lnug.F
Generator to be modified:
  • Generator/kch2pipi0.F

Macro file to be modified:

  • macros/StandardRun.mac

C++ files to be modified:

  • src/CMC.cc, include/CMC.hh
  • src/DatacardManager.cc, include/DatacardManager.hh
  • src/DatacardMessenger.cc, include/DatacardMessenger.hh

How to run

To run this channel:

  • specify the charged pion decay type in the StandardRun.mac file, at the line with the tag /decay/pichDecay.
    Available charged pion decay types:
    • 0: pi is passed to Geant4;
    • 1: pi-->mu nu;
    • 2: pi-->e nu;
    • 3: pi-->mu nu g;
    • 4: pi-->e nu g;
  • run the software giving the modified macro file as input parameter
    NA62MC macros/StandardRun.mac

How and what to check



This will be documented in technical note CERN-

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