Current PPE Linux Desktop Version

All Linux desktops are installed with Root. The current version of Root on SL47 desktops is version 5.14.00b and 5.20.00 for SL53. The ROOTSYS, PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables are all set correctly when a user logs into a PPE Linux desktop. Root can therefore be started by typing root.

Other Versions Of Root

Newer versions of root are available in the /data/ppe01 file space. For SL5x machines the available can be found under /data/ppe01/sl5x/x86_64/root. For SL6x machines under /data/ppe01/sl6x/x86_64/root and for SL4x machines under /data/ppe01/sl4x/i386/root.

To use one of these root versions source the or setup.csh file found in the version directory. For example to use root version 5.34.07 on an SL5x machine in the bash shell:

Selecting root version 5.34.07 on an SL5x machine
$ source /data/ppe01/sl5x/x86_64/root/5.34.07/

Newer versions of root are on the afs file system at /afs/ and can be sourced ina similar manner:

Selecting root version 5.34.07 on an SL5x machine
$ source /afs/

Note that not all versions of root are installed in the /data/ppe01 file space and the versions installed differ for different versions of Scientific Linux. To request a new version of root to be installed contact the PPE ITManagement.

-- AndrewPickford - 13 Feb 2009

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