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Wafer and sensor numbering scheme

The wafers are marked with sensor number at the wafer edge close to the larger straight section of the border. The individual sensors are labelled by their X and Y positions on the wafer. The classification of the wafers and the definition of the wafer number can be found in SensorNumbering.pdf.

Sensor number scheme

Photos at reception of Run 1 wafers

The photos were taken at reception of the wafers, but after wafers w09 and w14 had some of their ground planes bonded to the bias rails. Bond tests and tuning were done on the large metallised area at the bottom of w09. The bonds are visible in the photos. The bias bond locations are described in BiasBonds.pdf.

Full wafer views

  6 um BCB 12 um BCB
Electrical w14, w15 w08, w09
Mechanical w17, w18, w19 w04, w05, w16

Close-up views on a few sensors on w14

Meshed GND plane, full view

Bias bond, close-up

Meshed GND plane, top half

Meshed GND plane, full view

Solid GND plane, top half

Triangular GND plane, full view

Close-up views on a few features on w14

Ground planes: solid, meshed, meshed (bond pad)

Bias and guard ring connections: bias and guard rings, bias ring via, bias bond (triangular), bias bond (meshed)

Strip connections: overview, zoom 1, zoom 2, zoom 3, bond pad, double vias

Bias resistor connections: resistor via, zoom

A set of lines with decreasing line width and spacing were put on the mask to assess the resolution of the process. Starting with 10 lines of 5 um line width and spacing, increasing with 5 um for each set of lines. As seen in the overview picture all lines down to 10 um line width and spacing were correctly reproduced. However, the smallest pitch region became merged into one solid metallisation as can be seen in the close-up.

IV and CV measurments

Measurements performed by Alex Chilingarov, University of Lancaster and analysis is done by Lars Eklund, University of Glasgow.

Summary plots of I/V and C/V performance for wafer 09 (12 m BCB)

The scale of the I/V graph covers the range of 25 of the 26 sensors on wafer 09. Sensor X5Y3 brakes down at low voltages, see separate I/V. Sensors X5Y1, X5Y2 and X5Y4 were ramped to 600 V with leakage current of 40, 33 and 31 nA at 600V. Sensor X5Y1 was kept at 600 V for 30 min and is the only sensor that shows a clear change in reverse current over time, but with signs of saturation. See stability graph.

I/V characteristics of all sensors

Summary of all C/V on wafer 09

1/C vs V graphs for all sensors on w09

Rs vs V summary graph

Depletion voltage extracted from C/V

The depletion voltage was extracted by fitting a linear function to the 1/C2 vs. Vbias graph between 200 and 400 V. The depletion voltage is defines as the point where the graph deviates more than 3% from that straight line. The depletion voltage is displayed both as a histogram and as a map where the depletion voltage is displayed in its position on the wafer, with coordinates as defined in the figure above.Depletion voltage could not be determined for X5Y3 due to its breakdown, hence the histograms include 25 sensors.

Wafer map of depletion voltages

Histogram of measured depletion voltages

-- LarsEklund - 21 Nov 2008

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