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Indium Bumped Modules This page will serve as a database for characterisation of Indium Bumped Modules developed at RAL. Indium bumps require pressure only to make...
wafer VUB6NCH Map.pdf: Wafer Map RichardBates 2013 11 27 VUB6NCH.waprj: Waprj file
wafer VIB62GH Map.pdf: Wafer Map VIB62GH.waprj: Waprj file RichardBates 2013 11 27
Wafer map wafer V7B8WTH Map.pdf: Wafer Map RichardBates 2013 07 03 V7B8WTH.waprj: Waprj file
This wafer is going to LETI for u bump deposition wafermap V6B8WUH.pdf: Wafer Map V6B8WUH.waprj: Waprj file RichardBates 2013 02 14
SLAC Testbeam May 2014 This page catalogues each experimental setup, GeoIDs and run numbers. For details on reconstruction see here. Enjoy! Quad5, 250x50 DUTs...
`Open Rings` Endcap Layout (Previously known by a number of different names e.g. `concentric diskettes`.) Motivation and Description A couple of talks showing the...
Pixel Endcaps in the LoI (Cartigny) Layout The drawings below show 3 possible types of pixel endcap disks in the LoI, or `Cartigny` layout of the upgraded inner tracker...
JoleenPater 2013 08 13 Stepped Geometry Prototype NB this prototype was shelved in 2013 when the Open Rings layout was adopted. Peter Sutcliffe`s drawings for a...
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