Efficiencies and Contaminations

I have produced a revised set of efficiencies and contaminations for e, gamma and jets using athena version Here I will present the new efficiencies and investigate the cause of efficiencies and contaminations changes. I will start by giving details on how to produce the efficiencies and contaminations.

Producing Efficiencies and Contaminations

Checking Out And Setting Up

Before we can produce the efficiencies and contaminations we must check out the effmisid package. Once you have set up CMT and CVS we can checkout effmisid package (consult logfile ATLFAST-EFF-CON.txt for a quick guide on how to do this).

When checking out effmisid remember to make a new directory to check effmisid into.

Once effmisid is checked out you will find the following files.

  • Analysis2.cxx
  • Analysis2.h
  • AnalysisSkeleton.cxx
  • AnalysisSkeleton.h
  • mytry.C
  • mytry_eta.C

I will describe briefly the purpose of the files. Analysis2.cxx and Analysis2.h create histograms of the ntuples from the truth and reconstructed containers. mytry.C and mytry_eta.C plot the efficiencies and contaminations from the histograms. mytry.C and mytry_eta.C also produces the .dat files that are used in AtlfastC.

AnalysisSkeleton.cxx and AnalysisSkeleton.h are responsible for making the ntuple from a AOD dataset (e.g. Z->ee). You must copy these two files to src and UserAnalysis directories in the athena PhysicsAnalysis package you set up. Once These files are copied, compile CMT by using

CMT bro gmake

. We are now ready to run athena with our new AnalysisSkeleton. First, we must copy to our run directory.

  • IMPORTANT- You will have to included a bug fix in the, as the container name for Tower jets has change in version 15 from version 14. The line of code that you have to insert is shown below.

import JetRec.ParticleJetCompatibility

We can now run over a sample and start to produce efficiencies. I have included a logfile below that outlines the steps for producing efficiencies.

Electron Efficiencies and Contaminations using a Z->ee dataset

The efficiencies presented here are produced using version of athena. I will compare these efficiencies with version 14.5.0 efficiencies produced by Catherine Wright and version 15 efficiencies from the e/gamma group.

Loose Electrons

Fig 1.1 Fig 1.2 Fig 1.3 Fig 1.4 Fig1.5

Fig 1.6 Fig1.7 Fig1.8

Medium Electrons

Fig2.1 Fig2.2 Fig2.3 Fig2.4 Fig2.5

Fig2.6 Fig2.7 Fig2.8

Tight Electrons

Fig3.1 Fig3.2 Fig3.3 Fig3.4 Fig3.5

Fig3.6 Fig3.7 Fig3.8

Photon Efficiencies and Contaminations using a H->gamgam dataset

Photon Efficiency
Fig4.1 Fig4.2

Photon to Electron Contamination

Fig5.1 Fig5.2 Fig5.3 Fig5.3 Fig5.4


Photon to C4 Jet Contamination

Fig6.1 Fig6.2

Photon to Muid Muon Contamination

Fig7.1 Fig7.2

Timing Study

A timing Study for Atlfast and AtlfastC was carried out in Version 14.5.0 and Version The samples used in this study where ttbar and Z->ee EVGEN samples. The EVGEN datasets where then put into job option that produces an Atlfast AOD. With the AOD we create a corrected AOD using job option, resulting in an AOD with applied efficiencies to replicate the full simulation AODs.

It must also be noted that we can use the job option to produce an Atlfast AOD.


I will now discuss the steps that where taken to produce an Atlfast AOD (I have included a Logfile below).

Changes to

  • Remember only EVGEN datasets can be read into

  • Input dataset to, which is located in (need to get_file

  • Add ChronoStat service at the end of (This outputs the running time of Atlfast and all the Algorithms used).

# Use auditors
theApp.Dlls += [ "GaudiAud" ]
# write out a summary of the time spent
# write out a short message upon entering or leaving each algorithm
theAuditorSvc.Auditors  += [ "NameAuditor" ]
ChronoStatSvc = Service ( "ChronoStatSvc")
#ChronoStatSvc.NumberOfSkippedEventsForMemStat = 50
theAuditorSvc.Auditors  += [ "MemStatAuditor" ]
MemStatAuditor = theAuditorSvc.auditor( "MemStatAuditor" )
MemStatAuditor.OutputLevel = INFO


I will now discuss the steps that where taken to produce an AtlfastC AOD (I have included a Logfile below).

Changes to

  • Edit the input of to the output of

Timing Table

Results of the Timing Study

Version   |  Sample   |  ATLFAST  |  ATLFASTC  | ATLFASTC(All ALG EFF ON)
14.5.0        Z->ee      Z->ee
14.5.0        ttbar      ttbar

Timing Samples

Information on the EVGEN and AOD datasets.

AMI Z->ee

AMI ttbar

Location of EVGEN datasets

  • Z->ee


  • ttbar


Location of Atlfast AODS

  • Z->ee


  • ttbar


Running AtlFast And AtlFastC Logfiles

-- MichaelWright - 2010-03-03

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