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Action items for boosted differential xsec analysis

To Do List:

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Minor code fixes:

- Make HTML page more appropriate for ttbar selections [Mike]

- Make ttbar reconstruction more robust for events that have more than one lepton [Mike]

Actual tasks:

- Add in flag for ttbar or ttH
  • allows for html page to be changed for each case
  • allows for ttbar specific cuts to be put in (met,mtw,dphi...)
  • allows for btagging change (ttbar wants anywhere in event?)
  • remove the ttH blinding for ttbar?
  • maybe also usable as truth flag
 - next Monday meeting: discuss what to do in case we do not have a neutrino pz solution, at the moment we ignore those events

- how large is the fraction of events without solution?

- Port ttbar Reconstruction code [Mike]

- Port 2D plotting code [Mike]

- Port truth plotting code [Mike]

 - Cut Flow Challenge [Mike / Sarah?] https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J8M15QFQC_Q8EtC78Natz2WowX_nxyDfAiMuWL3V7pY/edit#gid=0

- More intelligent overlap removal (throw away ljet instead of el sometimes?) [Mike?]

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 Run-1 boosted code from Prague: [[ https://svnweb.cern.ch/cern/wsvn/atlas-pberta/BoostedAnalysis/trunk/#a11a6c9704b8af05cbd60f9517a704ce5?]]

Already Done (with date!):

- Port ttbar Reconstruction code [Mike] 17.11.15

- Port 2D plotting code [Mike] 17.11.15

- Port truth plotting code [Mike] 23.11.15

- ttbar reconstruction more robust for > 1 lepton [Sarah] 18.11.15

 -- Andrea Knue - 2015-11-17


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