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This twiki is a place to collect all the plans, tasks, studies and results related to Azzah's PhD. The overall plan is here: AzzahPlan.pdf

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  rc find_packages rc compile

Alternatively, using the ICHEP ntuples:

%CODE{ lang="sh"}%

export ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE=/cvmfs/atlas.cern.ch/repo/ATLASLocalRootBase alias setupATLAS='source ${ATLAS_LOCAL_ROOT_BASE}/user/atlasLocalSetup.sh' setupATLAS --quiet

setupATLAS mkdir PlotFactory _MayProduction_20.7_devbranch cd PlotFactory _MayProduction_20.7_devbranch export AnalysisTopVersion ="2.4.16" rcSetup Top,"${AnalysisTopVersion}"

rc checkout_pkg svn+ssh://aalshehr@svn.cern.ch/reps/atlas-aknue/GlaProjects/PlotFactoryBoosted/devbranches/PlotFactoryBoosted_ttH_20.7/ rc checkout_pkg atlasoff/PhysicsAnalysis/TopPhys/TopPhysUtils/TopDataPreparation/trunk

rc find_packages rc compile

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