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TWiki's NA62 web https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62 The NA62 web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2022 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [phas-ppesysman@glasgow.ac.uk] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).NA62 https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62 https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif SwGoldenRules https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/SwGoldenRules Writing portable software The Golden Rules Software meant to run on the Grid must be self contained and compatible with the most standard Linux configuration. Golden... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2019-07-19T12:34:56Z DanProtopopescu ProdReq https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ProdReq Production requests To request MC production on the Grid you need to first contact the NA62 Production Coordinator (PC), Evgueni Goudzovski (goudzovs #64;cern.ch)... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2019-02-07T13:26:11Z DanProtopopescu ConnorsAnalysis https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ConnorsAnalysis Connor Graham`s Analysis This page summarises key points and events from my PhD analysis, if you make any changes to this topic (or sub topics) please sign your name... (last changed by ConnorGraham) 2018-09-25T23:15:19Z ConnorGraham ConnorsAnalysis-EventTimeline https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ConnorsAnalysis-EventTimeline Return the the main analysis page. Switch to analysis timeline Switch to instructions Event Timeline NA62 meetings Analysis meetings: 18 19/10/17,... (last changed by ConnorGraham) 2018-09-25T23:00:52Z ConnorGraham ConnorsAnalysis-AnalysisTimeline https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ConnorsAnalysis-AnalysisTimeline Return the the main analysis page. Switch to event timeline Switch to instructions Analysis Timeline Upstream backgrounds study Contributions to beam... (last changed by ConnorGraham) 2018-08-07T18:11:02Z ConnorGraham ConnorsAnalysis-Instructions https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ConnorsAnalysis-Instructions Return the the main analysis page. Switch to event timeline Switch to analysis timeline Instructions NA62 framework and user directory (may expand this... (last changed by ConnorGraham) 2017-11-30T13:48:52Z ConnorGraham WebHome https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/WebHome NA62 NA62 group frontpage Experiment Monte Carlo simulations Writing portable software The Golden Rules Grid production UIs: ProdReq... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2017-10-05T11:50:59Z DanProtopopescu UseCVMFS https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/UseCVMFS Using the CVMFS na62fw Installation From version v0.9.0 up, the NA62 software framework is available on PPE machines via CVMFS. No Git checkout or compilation is necessary... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2016-10-18T12:12:57Z DanProtopopescu MCOutputs https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/MCOutputs Retrieving MC output Outputs from Monte Carlo simulation are stored on disk at RAL and CERN. This page explains how to access this data. CERN CASTOR MC production... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2016-03-15T12:51:15Z DanProtopopescu ProductionRota https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ProductionRota NA62 Monte Carlo Grid Production Shifts This wiki contains information about and for the volunteers for the NA62 MC Grid production rota. Check this page regularly... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2016-03-11T11:00:48Z DanProtopopescu NA62MonteCarlo https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/NA62MonteCarlo NA62 Monte Carlo Simulations This wiki describes how to set up and distribute the NA62 Monte Carlo simulation code. Software Source or precompiled production version... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2016-03-11T10:57:58Z DanProtopopescu ProductionHowto https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/ProductionHowto NA62 Monte Carlo Production Howto This wiki explains how to submit NA62 Monte Carlo jobs on the Grid using the custom written tools and online interface for this.... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2016-03-11T10:35:05Z DanProtopopescu KDecayPions https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/KDecayPions Pions from in beam Kaon Decay Pions from in beam Kaon Decay Generator This case is handled via pichdecays.F . This file is a container for charged pion decays.... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2015-11-20T13:32:03Z DanProtopopescu CustomMC https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/CustomMC Running a custom version of the NA62MC There are some constraints that limit the practicality of running one`s custom version of the NA62MC on the Grid. Within these... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2015-09-17T13:45:22Z DanProtopopescu NA62onSL6 https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/NA62onSL6 NA62MC Installation on a SL6 Machine This section describes the installation of the NA62MC software package on a SL6 machine, from scratch. It is updated to revision... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2015-07-08T13:04:09Z DanProtopopescu BeamPions https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/NA62/BeamPions Beam pions Beam pions ... Generators Software implementation Documentation The generators are documented in CERN NA62 14 10 Radiative Pion Decay Monte Carlo... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2015-04-16T16:34:53Z DanProtopopescu
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