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NA62 Monte Carlo Production Howto

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  First of all, you must have access. That means you must:
  1. have a valid Grid certificate
  1. have a valid Grid certificate (e.g. a CERN certificate)
  1. register for NA62 VO membership via https://voms.gridpp.ac.uk:8443/voms/na62.vo.gridpp.ac.uk/user/home.action (you must have the certificate uploaded into the browser for this).
  2. have access to a Grid UI (a computer with the necessary software and settings)
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  Once you click "Prepare", you are taken to a new page that shows you the generated scripts. It's a good idea to doublecked the settings here as well.
... will be continued ...
Towards the bottom of the page there's a list of commands like this:


You should copy these commands to the clipboard.

Job submission

Jobs must be submitted with your credentials (i.e. grid certificate), from command line on your Grid UI. Paste the commands provided by the scripter into your terminal, and press enter. If you have submitted one job (e.g. for testing the system), then use the form at the bottom of the page


to insert the job specs and status URL in the run database. ALERT! You have to obtain the necessary password (PIN) from the production coordinator.

Multiple jobs submission

Batches of jobs are submitted in a similar manner, but the run database is automatically updated in this case. ALERT! You have to obtain the necessary password (PIN) from the production coordinator.



In case you find an error produced by the online interface, please immediately notify Dan, Janusz and Tonino.

-- DanProtopopescu - 2012-09-20

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