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NA62 Monte Carlo Simulations

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  • Versions:
    • v4 - Contains bug in the MC which Tonino spotted after giving us the tar ball
    • v5 - Installed by Janusz on May 10 (see table below)
    • v5 - Installed by Janusz on May 10 (r170, see table below)
    • v6 - September 2012 version (r188)
  • Unpack tarball to NA62MC
  • Fix libs path problems in GNUMakefile-s (Generator/ and Beam/)
     cp ../NA62/backups/Beam.GNUmakefile Beam/GNUmakefile
     cp ../NA62/backups/Generator.GNUmakefile Generator/GNUmakefile 
  • Make changes to env.sh: source 'offline' environment; clear XAWLIBS variable
  • Rearrange paths (move system paths after NA62-specific paths)
  • Type 'make' and be patient
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