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Pions from in-beam Kaon Decay

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 /tracking/verbose 1

Temporary patch

  • The generation of the K+ -> pi+pi0, pi+ -> mu+ nu, pi+0 -> gg process is handled in fortran files independent from the NA62MC software. These produce a kdecayggl.txt file containing informations on three final state particles: mu+, gamma, gamma.

  • In src/PrimaryGeneratorAction.cc a new case has been added, in which the kdecayggl.txt file is read and the three input particles are inserted into the NA62 apparatus.
    In the macros/StandardRun.mac file this option can be selected with /beam/SetBeam PionDecayTest.
    The handling of the new parameter has been implemented in src/PrimaryGeneratorMessenger.cc.

How to check the output

An event analyzer is provided inside the NA62Analysis framework.

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