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Pions from in-beam Kaon Decay

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How and what to check

An event analyzer is provided inside the Analysis framework.
In /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/data/na62/software01/UserAnalysis the "MCTruthAnalyzer" can be used to debug the MC events produced with NA62MC.
  • The code is in Analyzers/src/MCTruthAnalyzer.cc
After sourcing scripts/env.sh
  • Compile with NA62AnalysisBuilder.py configFiles/MCTruthAnalyzer.conf
  • Run with ./MCTruthAnalyzer -i ../NA62MC/pluto.root -o test.root -v kUser --config configFiles/MCTruthAnalyzer.run
    The kUser verbose flag has to be used to get on screen information on generated particles.



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