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Running a custom version of the NA62MC

There are some constraints that limit the practicality of running one's custom version of the NA62MC on the Grid. Within these limits, this is how to set this up.

Prepare tarball and scripts

Test tarball and scripts

Remember that the software must be configured in such a way as to run from a directory other than the installation directory, so no relative paths please.

Send tarball and scripts to Grid admin

Only the Grid admin can install your software on CVMFS.
Only the Grid admin can install your software on CVMFS. Once installed on CVMFS, it will take a few hours to propagate to all sites.

Run jobs


META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="CustomMC.pdf" attr="" comment="Slides from presentation in Prague, Sep 2015" date="1441114716" name="CustomMC.pdf" path="CustomMC.pdf" size="381174" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
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