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Connor Graham's Analysis

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 To view the dates of meetings, shifts, other events and presentations view the event timeline page.

Non-analysis work this week:

  • Added Ubuntu bash terminal for Windows to make terminal access available everywhere, see howtogeek.com for details
  • Dealt with some information requests from the student loans company and the UKLO
  • linked my ORCID, arXiv account and Inspire ID for Brigitte's records on the collaboration, feel free to ask for the details if it would be useful
  • Caught up on meeting slides from events I missed and made some summarised notes
  • Considerable contact with the UKLO as they're moving us to a new property
  • Finished with ORCID, arXiv account and Inspire ID with associated HepName
  • Signed up for the next French course
  • Ran some updates and dealt with some other electronic housekeeping jobs that were building up


To view the past, current and future progression of the analysis work view the analysis timeline page.

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