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TWiki's LinearCollider web https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider The LinearCollider web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2021 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [phas-ppesysman@glasgow.ac.uk] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).LinearCollider https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif TweakingDrivers https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/TweakingDrivers Tweaking the drivers This is a very brief description of how one can tweaking the DD4hep drivers to change for example the way various detector sensors are placed... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2017-10-18T17:06:35Z DanProtopopescu SiDTrackingEfficiencies https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/SiDTrackingEfficiencies Master by Research (MRes) project of Bogdan Mishchenko :`Simulation, reconstruction, Physics sensitivity studies for the SiD(Sillicon Detector) ` Project Aim The... (last changed by BogdanMishchenko) 2017-07-13T16:31:37Z BogdanMishchenko JetFlavourTagging https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/JetFlavourTagging Jet Flavour Tagging Howto with LCFIVertex This is a detailed record on how the Marlin framework and included LCFIVertex packages are used for jet flavour tagging.... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2017-03-22T13:00:04Z DanProtopopescu GlaSiDGettingStarted https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/GlaSiDGettingStarted Getting Started with SiD DD4HEP At the moment, our code is on GitHub (https://github.com/iLCSoft/lcgeo), where the core DD4hep software and the CLIC and ILD models... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2017-03-16T12:47:24Z DanProtopopescu MoragWilliamsMSciProjectWiki https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/MoragWilliamsMSciProjectWiki Morag Williams: MSci Project Wiki Project Title: Sensitivity to beyond Standard Model physics through Higgs production at CLIC using effective field theories. Supervisor... (last changed by MoragWilliams) 2017-03-06T16:11:32Z MoragWilliams WebHome https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/WebHome Linear Collider activities in Glasgow Most recent work is presented at the top. Porting SiD drivers to DD4hep Getting started with SiD in DD4HEP Glasgow... (last changed by MoragWilliams) 2016-11-07T14:31:13Z MoragWilliams GlaSiD https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/GlaSiD Glasgow SiD howto The starting point is the sidloi3 model in lcgeo implemented by F. Gaede and based on the original sidloi3 compact file. This was tested by... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2016-10-19T11:45:41Z DanProtopopescu DatasetAccess https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/DatasetAccess Dataset access LCD WG datasets are accessed through Dirac, as explained in: https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/CLIC/DiracUsage Quick start source /afs/cern... (last changed by AidanRobson) 2015-09-09T15:15:47Z AidanRobson ValidateGeom https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/ValidateGeom Geometry validation Once the desired geometry is implemented in DD4hep, one need a way to compare it with the existing descriptions from Mokka or GeomConverter. This... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-12-10T11:54:39Z DanProtopopescu LinuxDD4hep https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/LinuxDD4hep Building DD4hep on a linux box with ILCSoft already installed The Glasgow DD4hep installation is located in /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/data/ilc/software/DD4hep . This wiki... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-11-11T14:30:08Z DanProtopopescu GlaDD4hep https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/GlaDD4hep Quick DD4hep howto DD4hep stands for Detector Description for HEP, a software package developed in the context of AIDA WP2. DD4hep is based on the ROOT geometry framework... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-11-11T14:28:57Z DanProtopopescu LatestECal https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/LatestECal Latest ECal iteration This page will be periodically updated to contain my latest DD4hep implementation of the ECal. This version uses Shaojun Lu`s DDSim implementation... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-10-07T15:32:03Z DanProtopopescu GeoConvWF https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/GeoConvWF Geometry implementation workflow This wiki describes a (proposed) workflow for obtaining the latest CLIC detector geometry, implementing modifications to one of the... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-08-07T11:27:47Z DanProtopopescu SLIC https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/SLIC SLIC Installation This wiki describes the SLIC installation in Glasgow. Download Download ilcinstall : cd ~/ilc soft svn co https://svnsrv.desy.de/public/ilctools... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-06-24T15:44:23Z DanProtopopescu VisuDet https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/VisuDet Visualising a detector geometry In order to implement and validate a detector geometry in DD4hep, it is important to be able to visualise it. This wiki explores the... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-06-24T15:40:34Z DanProtopopescu AddDetDD4hep https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/LinearCollider/AddDetDD4hep Implementing a detector in DD4hep The way detector models are defined is quite different between Mokka and DD4hep. DD4hep provides representations of all TGeo shapes... (last changed by DanProtopopescu) 2014-06-19T15:18:03Z DanProtopopescu
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