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Geometry validation

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  The statistics can be adjusted by changing Npoints = 10000; from its default.
And here's the optimised version of stressGeometry.cxx which I've been using lately. Easier to use in conjunction with this script: compare.sh.


If you don't have that already, then install your own version of ROOT, so that you can customise it.

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ECal1.png" attr="" comment="ECal visualised in geoDisplay" date="1403186454" name="ECal1.png" path="ECal1.png" size="18146" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="extrusion.png" attr="" comment="Extrusion detected by CheckOverlaps()" date="1403186506" name="extrusion.png" path="extrusion.png" size="32924" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="EcalEndcap_zmin_change.png" attr="h" comment="Small change in EcalEndcap_zmin" date="1403862015" name="EcalEndcap_zmin_change.png" path="EcalEndcap_zmin_change.png" size="26351" user="DanProtopopescu" version="3"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="stressGeometry.cxx" attr="" comment="Modified stressGeompetry.cxx source file" date="1418211848" name="stressGeometry.cxx" path="stressGeometry.cxx" size="23976" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="compare.sh" attr="" comment="Shell script to use in conjunction with stressGeometry" date="1418212382" name="compare.sh" path="compare.sh" size="640" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
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