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Master by Research (MRes) project of Bogdan Mishchenko :"Simulation, reconstruction, Physics sensitivity studies for the SiD(Sillicon Detector) "

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Description of the reconstruction code, How to run it.

Reconstruction code for SiD was adopted from CLIC (Clicperformance package). It has following modifications:
Reconstruction code for SiD was adopted from CLIC (Clicperformance package), which you can find here :


Some macros and scripts have been used from ILD performance package, which you can find here:


It has following modifications:

 For layer residuals code we are using hard coded SiDecoderString: "subdet:6,side:3,layer:4,module:12,sensor:1" for decoding. Additionally, We do not do refitting and extrapolating of tracks, what have been implemented in the CLIC code.

Assuming that you are on the fresh login in terminal:

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