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Master by Research (MRes) project of Bogdan Mishchenko :"Simulation, reconstruction, Physics sensitivity studies for the SiD(Sillicon Detector) "

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 This is tracking efficiency for momentum range [1,500]GeV

  • Tracking efficiency for SiD_o2_v01:

How to produce track parameter resolutions (d_{0}, z_{0}, pt)

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Pt_resolution_40_85_SiD_02_v01.png" attr="" comment="This is Pt resolution obtained with SiD_o2_v01 module" date="1479236649" name="Pt_resolution_40_85_SiD_02_v01.png" path="Pt_resolution_40_85_SiD_02_v01.png" size="25322" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="D0_resolution_40_85_SiD_o2_v01.png" attr="" comment="DO resolution for 40 85 degrees for SiD_o2_v01 model" date="1479307552" name="D0_resolution_40_85_SiD_o2_v01.png" path="D0_resolution_40_85_SiD_o2_v01.png" size="25952" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="4"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Z0_resolution_40_85_SiD_o2_v01.png" attr="" comment="z0_resolution 40 85 deg for SiD_o2_v01" date="1479300288" name="Z0_resolution_40_85_SiD_o2_v01.png" path="Z0_resolution_40_85_SiD_o2_v01.png" size="25599" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Tracking_efficiency_20_40_85.png" attr="" comment="Tracking efficiency for SiD_o2_v01" date="1479384164" name="Tracking_efficiency_20_40_85.png" path="Tracking_efficiency_20_40_85.png" size="31524" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="1"
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