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Master by Research (MRes) project of Bogdan Mishchenko :"Simulation, reconstruction, Physics sensitivity studies for the SiD(Sillicon Detector) "

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 source /cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc48_sl6/v01-17-10/init_ilcsoft.sh cd lcgeo/ python example/lcio_particle_gun.py (where you specify PDG and incident angle \theta and number of generated particles and other parameters)
Run the simulation:
 ddsim --compactFile=SiD/compact/SiD_o1_v01/SiD_o1_v03.xml --runType=batch --inputFile mcparticles.slcio -N=1 --outputFile=testSiD_o1_v03.slcio
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Description of the reconstruction code, How to run it.

Assuming that you are on the fresh login in terminal:
source /cvmfs/sft.cern.ch/lcg/releases/gcc/4.8.4/x86_64-slc6/setup.sh
source /cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc48_sl6/v01-17-10/init_ilcsoft.sh
 cd lcgeo/
wget https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/pub/LinearCollider/SiDTrackingEfficiencies/Tracking.tar.gz   (To get the reconstruction code)
tar xvzf Tracking.tar.gz Tracking/ (To unpack archive)
cd Tracking/
find(to list all files in the directory)
./src(directory with Marlin processor source codes)
./src/Global_residuals.cc (processor that output residuals, pulls for hits)
./src/HitResiduals.cc (processor that output layer residuals )
./src/ResidualsCalculator.cc( processor that calculates trackreconstruction efficiencies versus, pt(transverse momentum, theta, eta(pseudorapidity)
./include ( directory that contains header files)
./CMakeLists.txt ( CMake configuration file )
./SiDReconstruction_161910_new_bogdan.xml (Marlin steering file)
./treeDraw_x.cxx (script to draw x layer residuals)
./pulls.cxx ( script that draw pull distributions)
./make+run.sh ( bash script to compile code and to run Marlin with steering file)
./histograms500GeV_ttbar_10000.root (root file with tree structure that contains track  reconstruction efficiencies)
./analysis_100_40_10_mu.root (root file with tree structure that contains residuals and pool distribution)
./hitresiduals_layer_40_10_v02_SiD_100.root (root file that have layer residuals )
./SiD_02_v01_10_10_85.slcio (slcio file that can be used as input for running Marlin)
./gear_sid.xml ( gear with detector specification that attached to the Marlin steering file) 

mkdir build  lib ( make directories)
cd build/

cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=`which g++` -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER=`which gcc` \
  -DILCUTIL_DIR=/cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc48_sl6/v01-17-10/ilcutil/v01-03/ -C $ILCSOFT/ILCSoft.cmake ..


make install


How to produce Hit residuals

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SiD_layout.jpeg" attr="" comment="Schematic view of SiD layout" date="1476182552" name="SiD_layout.jpeg" path="SiD_layout.jpeg" size="85383" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Brief_report.pdf" attr="" comment="This brief report on the progress" date="1476386491" name="Brief_report.pdf" path="Brief_report.pdf" size="42154" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="pull_residuals_40.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1476387800" name="pull_residuals_40.jpg" path="pull_residuals_40.jpg" size="92453" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Tracking.tar.gz" attr="" comment="Reconstruction_code" date="1476896573" name="Tracking.tar.gz" path="Tracking.tar.gz" size="402964" user="BogdanMishchenko" version="2"
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