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Higgs physics in a Linear Collider. Physics MSci Year 4 project by Nikolajs Precenieks.

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  Develop full Hνν Analysis and measure cross-section, determine potential accuracy of the cross-section measurement..

Presently Working on

TWiki page.

Fully understanding what ExampleDSTAnalysis does.

Reconstructing missing energy from measured particle in AnalyseEvent in ExampleDSTAnalysis

Progress so Far

Created the TWiki page to document the project.

Got Marlin to work with the files provided by AidanRobson following the instructions in ILCSoft wiki

Added some neutrino analysis(histograms) to the AnalyseMC in ExampleDSTAnalysis, similar to the electron positron analysis.


Useful Links

Monte Carlo Particle Numbering Scheme

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Current Problems

ExampleDSTAnalysis_refSig130929b.root and ExampleDSTAnalysis_refBck130929b.root are used in the ExampleDSTAnalysis, but I do not have them. Analysis works if everything regarding those files is commented, missing some part of the analysis though.
 -- Nikolajs Precenieks - 2014-01-20


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