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Constraints from "Higgs mass and Cross-Section Measurements at a 500GeV CLIC Machine, Operating at sqrt(s)= 350GeV and 500GeV"

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 Monte Carlo fit: if invariant mass was within 5 GeV of Z mass the event was declared to be Higgsstrahlung. The remaining were flagged as WW fusion.

Project Work

Lepon Identification

The ZFinder selects suitable Z boson candidates.

Reconstruction of H mass from inferred vector

Given the initial state four vector and the four vector of the Z boson it is possible to infer the four vector of the recoil mass. The only two variables of the Higgs recoil mass are the momenta of the pair of leptons from the Z decay.

Note that (besides the background) precision of the Higgs recoil mass measurement can be affected by both the smearing and radiative effects.

The cross section can also precisely be measured to examine the coupling between the Higgs and the Z boson, given by:

g^2(HZZ) : sigma = Ns/ eL

where Ns is the number of events of Higgs-strahlung signal, e is the total efficiency of signal reconstruction, and L is the luminosity.

Eta-Phi plots

The momentum of each particle produced in a collision can be decomposed in:

  • Component parallel to the beams (longitudinal, parallel to z)
  • Component perpendicular to the beams (transverse, in x-y plane)
  • The transverse component is: PT = P sin(θCM)

Pseudorapidity (eta) = -ln(tan(θCM)/2)

 -- DominicSmith - 2012-11-20

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