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Getting Started with SiD DD4HEP

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To visualize the output using CED:

Note that for the event display to wokr I had to ask my local sysadmin to install freeglut (e.g. for SLC6, freeglut-2.6.0-1.el6.x86_64) so that the library libglut.so was available.

source /cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc48_sl6/v01-17-10/init_ilcsoft.sh
# point to a CED installation with glced:
export PATH=/cvmfs/ilc.desy.de/sw/x86_64_gcc44_sl6/CED/v01-09-02/bin/:$PATH
# this needs a few extra parameters that were missing from the SiD_o1_v03.xml in v01-17-10
#   so put the modified SiD_o1_v03a.xml attached to this page in your local
#   lcgeo/SiD/compact/SiD_o1_v01/ directory
ced2go -d <path_to_my_local_lcgeo_directory>/SiD/compact/SiD_o1_v01/SiD_o1_v03.xml <input_file.slcio>
 -- Aidan Robson - 2016-07-11


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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SiDReconstruction_v03_160711.xml" attr="" comment="" date="1468250213" name="SiDReconstruction_v03_160711.xml" path="SiDReconstruction_v03_160711.xml" size="39022" user="AidanRobson" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="gear_sid.xml" attr="" comment="basic gear file to satisfy reconstruction" date="1473083258" name="gear_sid.xml" path="gear_sid.xml" size="286" user="AidanRobson" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SiD_o1_v03a.xml" attr="" comment="minor modified SiD_o1_v03.xml for ced event display" date="1473247650" name="SiD_o1_v03a.xml" path="SiD_o1_v03a.xml" size="8634" user="AidanRobson" version="1"
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