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Glasgow SiD howto

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 Info in <TGeoNodeMatrix::CheckOverlaps>: Number of illegal overlaps/extrusions : 0
Note that general ECal parameters are defined in SiD_o1_v01.xml, e.g.

<constant name="EcalBarrel_half_length" value="1765.0*mm" />
<constant name="EcalBarrel_rmin" value="1265.0*mm" />
<constant name="EcalBarrel_rmax" value="1403.0*mm" />
<constant name="EcalBarrel_symmetry" value="12" />

etc., and used in EcalBarrel_o1_v01_00.xml.

Adding HCal

Using the naming convention explained above, we add HcalBarrel_o1_v01_00.xml. We also need to edit SiD_o1_v01.xml to add general HCal parameters. See the result here. Checked for overlaps and found none.

Adding other subdetectors

 This is work in progress - watch this wiki (and the SVN repo) for updates.
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="full-SiD.png" attr="" comment="Full sidloi3 model" date="1450196016" name="full-SiD.png" path="full-SiD.png" size="152712" user="DanProtopopescu" version="3"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SiDparSep2015Model.pdf" attr="" comment="SiD engineering driver (Sep 2015)" date="1450178474" name="SiDparSep2015Model.pdf" path="SiDparSep2015Model.pdf" size="156718" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SiDLoI3-compact.tgz" attr="" comment="Initial XML configuration (Oct 2015) from SVN" date="1450179057" name="SiDLoI3-compact.tgz" path="SiDLoI3-compact.tgz" size="31528" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ecal.png" attr="" comment="ECal modules only" date="1450196030" name="ecal.png" path="ecal.png" size="26906" user="DanProtopopescu" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="def.png" attr="" comment="Inner and outer radii definitions" date="1450273618" name="def.png" path="def.png" size="12016" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="EcalHcalBarrel.png" attr="" comment="Ecal + barrel Hcal" date="1452703480" name="EcalHcalBarrel.png" path="EcalHcalBarrel.png" size="28256" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
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