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Quick DD4hep howto

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  • On a Mac (did not work) because of too many components not being available
  • On a Linux box with ILCSoft already installed. Without the ILCSoft components, one has to install many dependencies and soon it get very complicated. Beware of Root older than 5.34.05 that may be not compatible with the latest DD4hep.

SiD Example

After DD4hep is installed as described in the previous section, one can try the SiD example:

source /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/data/ilc/software/ilcsoft/v01-17/init_ilcsoft.sh
cd DD4hep/examples/CLICSiD
source ../../bin/thisdd4hep.sh
mkdir build; cd build
cmake ..
make -j install
source ../bin/thisCLICSiD.sh
cd ../../..
./bin/geoDisplay examples/CLICSiD/compact/compact.xml
will produce something like this:



Mailing list

To sign up to the dd4hep-developers mailing list one can use to the cern e-groups page (https://e-groups.cern.ch).

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="SiDcompact.png" attr="" comment="SiD compact example screenshot" date="1400838891" name="SiDcompact.png" path="SiDcompact.png" size="92995" user="DanProtopopescu" version="1"
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