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  uncomment the Modes line by removing the # and change the resolution as required. New laptops have a screen resolution of 1440x900, older laptops have 1280x1024 or 1024x768. After changing /etc/X11/xorg.conf reboot the virtual machine.

Accessing The Host Disc From The Scientific Linux Virtual Machine

Currently only the SL5 virtual machine is setup to access the host machine discs. This is enabled by:

  1. with the virtual machine off right click on the virtual machine in the VirtualBox listing and select the 'Settings' menu.


  2. from the settings menu select the 'shared folders' submenu.


  3. then add a shared folder, sharing the 'C:\Shared' folder and giving it the name 'Shared'


Other shared folders with different names can of course be used, but the default SL5 virtual guest is setup to look for and used a shared folder called 'Shared'.

 -- AndrewPickford - 12 Aug 20009

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