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IT Overview

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  University wide the main page for Computing Service is http://www.gla.ac.uk/services/it/.


The group has a small printer room (484) which contains colour and black and white printers. These are available from linux, windows and osx. The GroupPrinting page and subpages detail how to use and install these printers.


The PPE file servers store peoples home directories (/home/xxx) and data directories (/data/xxx) for the different experiments. These are available (automatically) via nfs on the linux desktops and via samba in the windows desktops. See FileStorage.

Files in users home directories are backed up overnight and keep for upto six months. See Backups. The /data areas are not backed up, with the exception of /data/ppemgr01 and /data/www01 which are backed up.

System Manager

The PPE IT System Manager is Andrew Pickford, office 473. Email should be sent to ppesysman@physics.gla.ac.uk. See SystemAdministrators

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