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 With a couple of exceptions, printers available to PPE group members fall into one of two categories: local PPE printers and centrally-managed pull printers.
Please do your best to keep the printer areas tidy, removing printouts promptly and placing waste paper into the recycling bins provided.

Managed Printers

The managed printers (also known as "pull printers") are provided by IT Services, and supported and maintained by a team of Canon engineers. Managed printers are located throughout the campus; in the Kelvin building, rooms currently housing managed printers include 484 (the PPE print room), 320 and 331.

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Poster Printing

The school possesses an HP DesignJet 800 colour plotter, located in room 331, which can be used to produce posters up to size A0. Supplies for this printer are expensive and should be used sparingly. Further information may be obtained from PPE IT support.


General Instructions

Printers available for PPE group usage are given on the GroupPrinters page.

The recommended printer for general use is the colour duplex Kycoera printer located in room 484 (ld from linux, PPEKYC5030 from windows). Also in room 484 is a black and white duplex Kyocera printer (la/PPEKYD7) and the hp4600 colour duplex printer (le/PPELJ4600). Please do not use the hp4600 unless the colour Kyocera printer is unavailable as the running costs for this printer are higher.

In addition to the printer in room 484 there are smaller black and white printers located is various office in the group, see GroupPrinters for the full list.

Please keep printer areas tidy. There are no operators to clean up behind us: this is a community responsibility for us all. Please take your printouts from room 484 promptly and put waste paper into the paper recycling bins. Take responsibility for your own accidents or unintended printouts - do not leave them lying around to get in the way and confuse other users.

If a printer is found to be out of toner or paper:

  • Toner for printers is stored in room 484, usually under the bench. If you're un-sure about changing the toner cartridge please see Valerie Flood.
  • Some paper is stored in room 484. If there is none, a box (5 reams) can be obtained from Stores during their normal hours. Please do not pilfer paper supplies from the copier room (except in an emergency).
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