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Grid Services

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 lsetup emi
If you plan to submit jobs to the ScotGrid VO, at present you must also amend the X509_VOMSES environment variable as follows:

export X509_VOMSES=/etc/vomses

Certificates and proxies

To use grid resources, you will need a certificate, from which you can generate a proxy certificate. The proxy certificate has a relatively short lifetime, and is used to actually submit the job. A proxy is associated with a particular Virtual Organisation (VO), for example vo.scotgrid.ac.uk, which is selected when it is created. You can generate a proxy using the arcproxy command:

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Submitting a job

Jobs are submitted to a Compute Element (CE). The ScotGrid site at Glasgow has four CEs:


It does not matter which CE you choose to submit to. (If you've looked at the tutorial linked above, you'll see that Durham gave their CEs the sensible names ce1, ce2, etc. We thought that would be too easy.)

Jobs are submitted using the arcsub command:


For example, to submit test.xrsl to svr011 at Glasgow:

arcsub -j test.db -c svr011.gla.scotgrid.ac.uk test.xrsl
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