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PPE storage provision is currently under review, and the following is subject to change.

Various file storage areas are available to PPE group members, with different areas intended for, or suited to, different uses. These include:

  • Home areas (/home in Linux), which are mostly backed-up.
  • Data areas (/data and /nfs in Linux), which due to the sheer volume of data are generally not backed-up.
  • Scratch space on certain machines (/pcdisk/<HOSTNAME>), which are not backed-up.
  It is your responsibility to ensure that your important files are protected, and so you should take particular note of which areas are backed-up.


The majority of PPE Linux machines are configured to mount home and data areas automatically. Home areas are located in /home, and data areas in /data and /nfs.

If you want to access storage from a Linux machine which has not been configured to mount these storage areas automatically, you can use CIFS for which you will require administrator rights. The command to mount a directory takes the following form:

$ mount -t cifs cifs://uberwald.ppe.gla.ac.uk<PATH> <MOUNT_PATH> -o user=guphysics/<USERNAME>

For example, if user rabbit wished to mount the /data/carrots directory locally as /mnt/yummy, the following command would be needed:

$ mount -t cifs cifs://uberwald.ppe.gla.ac.uk/data/carrots /mnt/yummy -o user=guphysics/rabbit

Microsoft Windows

Windows users can access home and data areas using Samba. You can connect to the Samba server using the alias uberwald.ppe.gla.ac.uk, for instance by entering \\uberwald.ppe.gla.ac.uk in the navigation bar in Windows Explorer. Most PPE desktops are bound to the GUPHYSICS domain, and so you will not need to enter any credentials. If you are using a laptop or one of the few desktops which is not part of the domain, you will need to enter your GUPHYSICS credentials to authenticate.

Mac OS X

Start Finder, then Go | Connect to Server....


Enter smb://uberwald.ppe.gla.ac.uk as the Server Address and click Connect.


If requested, enter your GUPHYSICS username and password.

Select the Samba share that you wish to access.


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