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Batch System

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 The PPE group maintains a PBS cluster for running small quantities of jobs. If you need to run large numbers of jobs, you should investigate the possibility of running on ScotGrid. The current composition of the batch system is as follows:

Nodes Operating System Total CPU Cores
node001 to node003 Scientific Linux 6 96
node007 Scientific Linux 6 40
node008 Scientific Linux 5 4
node013 to node017 Scientific Linux 5 20
node019 Scientific Linux 6 4
node013 to node015 Scientific Linux 5 12
node034 Scientific Linux 6 56
tempnode001 to tempnode006 Scientific Linux 5 24
tempnode007 to tempnode015 Scientific Linux 6 36
  The PBS headnode is offler.ppe.gla.ac.uk, and you will see this name in the output of various PBS commands.
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