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Detector Development Journal Club

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24/7/2012 - All - Lab hardware and software, Alibava based tests, review of DetDev Twiki. Up coming Conferences. Diamond TB
31/7/2012 - Andy Blue - ATLAS strip module building and testing
7/8/2012 - Summer students presentations
14/8/2012 - Tom McMullen - TSV (review of literature, project plan and progress)
21/8/2012 - Kenny Wraight - CZT data analysis
28/8/2012 - Richard Bates, Graeme Stewart - Pixel 2012/NSS talk rehearsal
4/9/2012 - Daniel Hynds - Vertex rehearsal



24/7/2012 - talks on the software and hardware cababilities of the group given


Pervious talks

05/08/08 - Aaron and David P.

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 "Active Pixel Sensors in Nuclear Medicine Imaging", Robert Ott, Noel Evans, Phil Evans, John Osmond, Andy Clark, Jamie Crooks, Mark Prydderich, Renato Turchetta, Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2008. NSS '08. IEEE

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="DetDev24072012.pptx" attr="" comment="Talk on equipment" date="1343234328" name="DetDev24072012.pptx" path="DetDev24072012.pptx" size="54253" stream="DetDev24072012.pptx" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp35707" user="RichardBates" version="1"
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