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Detector Development Journal Club

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  " A novel ultra-thin 3D detector—For plasma diagnostics at JET and ITER tokamaks", Francisco García, G. Pelligrini, J. Balbuena, M. Lozano, R. Orava and M. Ullan, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, In Press, 2009.
16/03/10 - Andy Blue

"Active Pixel Sensors in Nuclear Medicine Imaging", Robert Ott, Noel Evans, Phil Evans, John Osmond, Andy Clark, Jamie Crooks, Mark Prydderich, Renato Turchetta, Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, 2008. NSS '08. IEEE

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NIM_A566_360_2006_Pelligrini.pdf" attr="" comment="NIMA 566" date="1219131514" name="NIM_A566_360_2006_Pelligrini.pdf" path="NIM_A566_360_2006_Pelligrini.pdf" size="437451" stream="NIM_A566_360_2006_Pelligrini.pdf" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp13399" user="RichardBates" version="1"
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