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META TOPICPARENT name="EUTelescopeAndIBLTestbeam"

EUTelescope And IBL Testbeam pages

Notes on customising analysis of IBL testbeam data using tbmon.

Assuming you are in PATH_TO_ANALYSIS directory...
Assuming you are in PATH_TO_ANALYSIS directory (i.e. something like path_to_tbmon/tbmon/trunk) ...
  To add new code to analyses you'll need to create/edit files in PATH_TO_ANALYSIS/analysis/ part of the file structure. This is done in the standard header/source code way. A header (i.e. .h file) must be in the analysis/include directory with all declarations (classes, member functions, variables etc.). The corresponding source (i.e. .cc file) file must be in the analysis/src directory with all the analysis functionality.
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