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 TWiki's ATLAS web The ATLAS web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise.
https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS Copyright 2021 by contributing authors 2016-09-29T18:55:51Z THHGTC https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/THHGTC 2016-09-29T18:55:51Z The Hitchhiker`s Guide to CERN This page is an informal guide that contains tips, tricks and observations for the avid physicist going on an adventure to CERN. It... (last changed by WilliamBreadenMadden) WilliamBreadenMadden HiggsAnalysisAtATLASUsingRooStats https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/HiggsAnalysisAtATLASUsingRooStats 2016-05-06T13:46:26Z Higgs analysis at ATLAS using RooStats This page contains basic information on getting started with Higgs analysis at ATLAS using RooStats. Only the most meager of... (last changed by WilliamBreadenMadden) WilliamBreadenMadden LocalPPEAccounts https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/LocalPPEAccounts 2016-04-19T12:45:34Z Local Computing All new users will have access to a home directory on the ppe system, of the form /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/user/`u`/`username`. Please contact PPE IT Support... (last changed by GordonStewart) GordonStewart GlaNtupleProduction https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/GlaNtupleProduction 2016-01-31T00:26:02Z Glasgow Ntuple Production In the following you can find all important links for the ntuple production for the boosted differential Xsec and the resolved and boosted... (last changed by AndreaKnue) AndreaKnue WebHome https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/WebHome 2016-01-30T20:12:27Z Welcome to the Glasgow ATLAS Twiki N.B. Cartographers can redirect here, but pay more attention in future. LATEST ATLAS NEWS https://atlas.web.cern.ch... (last changed by AndreaKnue) AndreaKnue AtlasDataAnalysis https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/AtlasDataAnalysis 2015-07-16T14:58:36Z Est 12 120.eps Computentp, Neural Nets and MCLIMITS This page has been substantially rewritten (and remains a work in progress) to focus just on the information required... (last changed by GavinKirby) GavinKirby CERNGit https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/CERNGit 2015-02-21T00:12:43Z CERN Git This page contains information on the use of CERN Git repositories. introduction is better than Subversion. CERN provides access controlled Git repositories... (last changed by WilliamBreadenMadden) WilliamBreadenMadden Run2Hbb https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/Run2Hbb 2015-01-29T16:17:30Z Run 2 H bb twiki Twiki to document the Run 2 H bb analysis. Will also cover useful code stuff. xAODs The new data format for run 2 is xAOD. It is a root readable... (last changed by PaulMullen) PaulMullen RunningGangaWithPanda https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/RunningGangaWithPanda 2015-01-07T12:57:17Z Deprecated This page is now only of historical interest. For up to date ganga and pathena instructions, please see the information in the Software Tutorial. Using... (last changed by GraemeStewart) GraemeStewart GridComputing https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/GridComputing 2015-01-07T11:16:08Z Grid Computing To obtain a Grid certificate you will need to visit the site. Follow the instructions when you go to the CA web interface, select `Request a Certificate... (last changed by GraemeStewart) GraemeStewart GlasgowMachinesCERN https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/GlasgowMachinesCERN 2015-01-07T11:11:32Z Glasgow machines at CERN All Glasgow machines hosted at CERN should behave like lxplus nodes (having AFS, CVMFS and usual software installed). If they don`t, or you... (last changed by GraemeStewart) GraemeStewart CernLxplus https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/CernLxplus 2015-01-07T11:09:07Z CERN and ATLAS computing accounts CERN account Complete the CERN Registration Form: Registration Form ATLAS account Complete the ATLAS Registration Form: Registration... (last changed by GraemeStewart) GraemeStewart HiggsBb https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/HiggsBb 2014-08-05T17:15:02Z Introduction Documenting the setup of Higgsbb analysis code used by An overview of the software framework can be found https://svnweb.cern.ch/cern/wsvn/atlasusr... (last changed by PaulMullen) PaulMullen XAODMiniTutorialGlasgow https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/XAODMiniTutorialGlasgow 2014-07-11T09:52:35Z Title Agenda https://indico.cern.ch/event/330069/ Data A local copy of xAOD input data is here: /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/user/g/graeme/public/xAODtut xAOD EDM Notes... (last changed by GraemeStewart) GraemeStewart GlasgowttHTagging https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/GlasgowttHTagging 2014-02-21T11:55:59Z Existing Plots and Comparisons Effect of raising hadron pt threshold from 5 GeV to 10 GeV (full sim) Differences between Powheg/Pythia and Powheg/Herwig... (last changed by GavinKirby) GavinKirby RunningAtlasInGlasgow https://twiki.ppe.gla.ac.uk/bin/view/ATLAS/RunningAtlasInGlasgow 2014-01-14T22:13:06Z ThomasDoherty 2009 11 03 This is mostly deprecated information releases should be setup and used from cvmfs instead. The conditions data setup is probably still... (last changed by GraemeStewart) GraemeStewart

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