Difference: TextToNtupleParser (4 vs. 5)

Revision 52011-02-15 - GavinKirby

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-- GavinKirby - 2011-02-08
Line: 83 to 83
 The directory specification in the files will need to be changed; if they are in the working directory, leave it out:
In teststeerFillFlatFromAscii.txt:
 GeneralParameter string 1 TreeSpecEv=TreeSpecATLAStth-v15.txt # Steering file with spec of global GeneralParameter string 1 TreeSpecGlobal=TreeSpecATLAStth-v15.txt
Line: 90 to 92
 GeneralParameter string 1 TreeToNTPMapFile=VariableTreeToNTPATLASttHSemiLeptonic-v15.txt
You also need to add the following lines:
Add the following lines:
GeneralParameter string 1 TreeNameEvInfo=D3PD
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