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 Now you can run the tool via the command

runFillFlatFromAscii teststeerFillFlatFromAscii.txt testFlatFillATLASl4vec.txt testFlatFillATLAS.root \ No newline at end of file


Test environment -- ATLAS Version

Once the CDF test has been successfully completed, you can move on to building an ATLAS ntuple (with additional variables).

The relevant files can be found in:


The directory specification in the files will need to be changed; if they are in the working directory, leave it out:

GeneralParameter string 1 TreeSpecEv=TreeSpecATLAStth-v15.txt
# Steering file with spec of global
GeneralParameter string 1 TreeSpecGlobal=TreeSpecATLAStth-v15.txt
# Variable tree to NTP
GeneralParameter string 1 TreeToNTPMapFile=VariableTreeToNTPATLASttHSemiLeptonic-v15.txt

You also need to add the following lines:

GeneralParameter string 1 TreeNameEvInfo=D3PD
GeneralParameter string 1 TreeNameGlobalInfo=D3PD

The thing you have to match is the name in the lines containing the string "EvInfoTree" in VariableTreeToNTPATLASttHSemiLeptonic-v15.txt

to your file.

Now the first problem I see is that the lepton inforamtion is not in EvInfoTree -- so you will need to try to figure out if it is available!

Then you wil have to add this to the VariableTreeToNTPATLASttHSemileptonic-v15.txt file. I do find that



ListParameter SpecifyVariable:PL_SelLepton_Pt 1 Type:double ListParameter SpecifyVariable:PL_SelLepton_Phi 1 Type:double ListParameter SpecifyVariable:PL_SelLepton_Eta 1 Type:double

Note that the actual px,py,pz,e as you had are not there so you may have to make a new file with those variables.

Then you need to add the variable defintions to VariableTreeToNTPATLASttHSemiLeptonic-v15.txt

Here is an example ListParameter EvInfoTree:28 1 PL_SelLepton_Pt:PL_SelLepton_Pt/PL_SelLepton_Pt:

o For each variable you add, you need to increment the number. So EvInfoTree:28 needs to goto EvInfoTree:29 for the next varaible.

o The value to the left of the : has to match your name in your text file that you write. This does no have to be the same as the stuff to the right. Later on this is used as the input variable to plotting and the neural net training. This however is your point where you are flexible in mapping the branch/leaf to that name of the varaible later.

o The stuff to the right of the : is the branch/leaf as it appears in root. In fact if you have a root file, Alistair wrote a tool to make this file from it.

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