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Using Ganga to submit jobs to the Panda backend on lxplus

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  Data preparation reprocessing - using Ganga
 1. In a clean lxplus afs shell, setup Ganga.
  source /afs/cern.ch/sw/ganga/install/etc/setup-atlas.sh
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you might also need
which sould match exaclt y the output file name from your jobs.

 NOTE: Line 3 is an example of overriding a database release to match the one needed to read ESD/DPD. In the case of the spring cosmic reprocessing,the DB release is If the database releases don't match the jobs fail on the Grid ( remove this line if it is not necessary). Line 4 corresponds to your Athena jobOptions. Line 5 is set to False because we have already compiled the packages locally if you want your job to compile your checked out code before submitting then simply change this to True Line 6 tells Ganga to tar your user area and send it with the job.
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 a site in the US cloud. Line 12 corresponds to the number of subjobs you want to split your job into. Finally in Line 13 you submit your job

The Ganga output looks something like this (Note the output is a dataset: Output dataset user09.chriscollins.ganga.2.20091210 ):

run% ganga pandaBackend_test.py

*** Welcome to Ganga ***
Version: Ganga-5-4-3
Documentation and support: http://cern.ch/ganga
Type help() or help('index') for online help.

This is free software (GPL), and you are welcome to redistribute it
under certain conditions; type license() for details.

For help visit the ATLAS Distributed Analysis Help eGroup:

GangaAtlas                         : INFO     Found 0 tasks
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.JobRegistry       : INFO     Found 2 jobs in "jobs", completed in 0 seconds
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.JobRegistry       : INFO     Found 0 jobs in "templates", completed in 0 seconds

New in 5.2.0: Change the configuration order w.r.t. Athena.prepare()
              New Panda backend schema - not backwards compatible
For details see the release notes or the wiki tutorials

GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : WARNING  New prepare() method has been called. The old prepare method is c   alled now prepare_old()
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Found Working Directory /home/chrisc/atlas/GANGA-TEST-   .3.0.1
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Found ATLAS Release 15.3.0
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Found ATLAS Production Release
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Found ATLAS Project AtlasProduction
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Found ATLAS CMTCONFIG i686-slc4-gcc34-opt
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Using run directory: PhysicsAnalysis/HiggsPhys/HiggsAssocTop/TtHH   bbDPDBasedAnalysis/run/
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Extracting athena run configuration ...
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Detected Athena run configuration: {'input': {'noInput': True}, '   other': {}, 'output': {'outNtuple': ['FILE1'], 'alloutputs': ['D3PD.root']}}
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Creating /tmp/chrisc/sources.f3f6d811-f7cd-42d3-8d50-47c47f58ae78   .tar ...
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Option athena_compile=False. Adding InstallArea to /tmp/chrisc/so   urces.f3f6d811-f7cd-42d3-8d50-47c47f58ae78.tar ...
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     submitting job 2
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     job 2 status changed to "submitting"
GangaPanda.Lib.Panda               : INFO     Panda brokerage results: cloud UK, site ANALY_GLASGOW
GangaAtlas.Lib.ATLASDataset        : WARNING  Dataset mc08.106314.Pythia_ttH120_2l2nu4b.merge.AOD.e364_s462_r63   5_t53_tid065132 has 8 locations
GangaAtlas.Lib.ATLASDataset        : WARNING  Please be patient - waiting for site-index update at site UKI-SCO   TGRID-GLASGOW_LOCALGROUPDISK ...
GangaAtlas.Lib.Athena              : WARNING  You are using DQ2JobSplitter.filesize or the backend used support   s only a maximum dataset size of 10000 MB per subjob - job splitting has been adjusted accordingly.
GangaPanda.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Input dataset(s) ['mc08.106314.Pythia_ttH120_2l2nu4b.merge.AOD.e3   64_s462_r635_t53_tid065132']
GangaPanda.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Output dataset user09.chriscollins.ganga.2.20091210
GangaPanda.Lib.Athena              : INFO     Running job options: TtAnalysis-ttHSignalSMALL-GRID.py
GangaPanda.Lib.Panda               : INFO     Uploading source tarball sources.f3f6d811-f7cd-42d3-8d50-47c47f58   ae78.tar.gz in /tmp/chrisc to Panda...
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     job 2.0 status changed to "submitting"
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     job 2.0 status changed to "submitted"
Ganga.GPIDev.Lib.Job               : INFO     job 2 status changed to "submitted"

Helpful commands inside Ganga:
jobs lists your jobs
jobs(1) lists the content of job 1
help() goes into help mode ( quit to leave help)
j=jobs(1) and j.kill() will kill job 1.

Your output will be in the dq2 registered dataset. For me this was user09.chriscollins.ganga.2.20091210 Again this is available from jobs(x)

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