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Glasgow RCE Info






Note: PC Currently in DESY, Hamburg 21 August 2013 - Andrew

  • ATCA 2 slot crate (Asis)

  • 3COM Switch

  • RCE (36 & 37) & RTM

  • HSIO Virtex4 Board

  • ATLAS Cosmic Ray HSIO Interface (Replaces ATLAS Stave 0 Test HSIO Interface)
    • Required change to HSIO firmware (HsioCosmic_00000003_eudet.mcs).

  • Agilent E3648A Power Supply for HSIO board

  • TTI Power Supply for powering FEI4 chips

  • PPEPC120 running SL5 (x86_64) (This PC was shipped to DESY for August Testbeam)
    • PC has 2 ethernet cards with ip addresses and
    • connects to RCE set-up
    • Andrew Stewart and Andrew Pickford are administrators on this machine.
    • Installed software:
      • Python 2.4.3
      • Python 2.5.6
      • Enthought - Canopy IDE
      • National Instruments VISA
      • Geany
      • TeamViewer
      • ROOT 5.18

  • PPEPC170 (New PC) running SL5 (x86_64)
    • PC has two ethernet cards with ip address and
    • All DetDev members have been given access to the home directory (25/10/2013).
    • Installation
      • sudo yum install --enablerepo=dag apt (complete)
      • sudo mkdir daq/slc5 (complete)
      • sudo wget cern.ch/RceDevelopment/repo/apt.tar.gz (complete)
      • sudo tar -zxvf apt.tar.gz (complete)
      • sudo ./apt-wrapper-init (complete)
      • sudo ./apt.wrapper-get update (complete)
      • sudo ./apt-wrapper-get install RceDAQ_04_00_01 (complete)
      • sudo mkdir /IBLDAQ (complete)
      • download daq scripts
      • sudo tar -zxvf daq.tar.gz -C /IBLDAQ/
      • sudo ln -s /IBLDAQ/daq/IBLDAQ-0-0-0 ~/daq (To make ~/daq the sym link remove this directory first)
      • Installation complete - system running OK
    • Installed Software
      • Canopy (Python IDE)
        • 5/12/2013: Set Canopy as python default so ipython runs from command line. (ipython --pylab)
      • TeamViewer 7
      • ROOT 5.34/10

  • Optic fibre connections
    • RTM XCVR4 to HSIO
    • RTM XCVR1 to SFP port (45) on switch

  • Connecting to the Shelf Manager
    • Requires one female-to-female RS232 cable.
    • Tried using terminal emulator CuteCom but unable to log in to shelf manager using log in name root.
    • To launch CuteCom:
      • Navigate to cutecom-0.14.2
      • run $sudo ./cutecom (must use sudo or access to ports will be denied)
    • Works for HyperTerminal in Windows
      • Launch HyperTerminal on a Windows machine and connect to port COM1. Power On the ATCA crate and log in using log in name root
      • Use baud rate 115200 (Manual says use 9600 but this dones't appear to work!)
      • How to turn down the fans? - Current setting is 9 (out of 15).
      • Use command: 'clia minfanlevel 3'
See here for hardware set-up: RCESetUp

Running the RCE software

Make sure to have set-up symbolic link to RCE area, i.e. ln -s /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/group/atlas/rcepixel01/ibldaq/IBLDAQ-0-0-0 daq
  • Navigate to the directory ~/daq/rce
    • $ cd daq/rce
  • Open C shell
Line: 93 to 27

RCE calibGui

CalibGui is the software used to perform tunes, run scans and test devices.

Before running a scan

Once GUI is openů

  • In "Scan" tab
    • Set directory to save root files by clicking "Browse" button adjacent to "Data Dir" in "Global Module Configuration area", e.g. /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/data/atlas/upgrade01/rce-tests/
    • Select Scan Type of scan from drop down list in "Scan Config" area
    • If required choose a Prim list by "Load Primlist" button in Prim List area
      • NB prim lists have priority over any selected scan. Also, prim lists must be cleared before loading a new list or running single scan.

  • In "Config Halfstave" tab (4 provided, choose whichever is appropriate)
    • Choose a "Frontend: are and set parameters for communication with chip
    • Select config file from "Choose Config", and browse to file, e.g. /afs/phas.gla.ac.uk/data/atlas/upgrade01/rce-tests/KateRCE/THRESHOLDX/config
      • NB check references to masked directories in config file are to correct place (i.e. current directories)
      • for valid config rations the "Valid" check will be ticked
    • Set inlink/outlink to valid parameters, and correct RCE (see map ADD LINK LATER)
    • make sure the "Included" check is ticked, else the communication will not be attempted

  • In "Plots" tab
    • The output of them most recent scan is viewable in GUI *Usual root rules apply

Running a scan



Test/Scan Data

  • Occupancy plots and histograms can be viewed in the plots tab of the calibGui.
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